Strategic and conceptual approaches for the main economic sectors e.g. automotive, finance, healthcare, logistics or energy.

below GmbH: Leistung - Expertise Consulting - Marketingstrategien

Marketing Strategies

  • Sales and marketing audits and analysis
  • Evaluation, revision, and development of marketing strategies
  • Development of strategies for sales, aftersales, communication, distributer, retail
  • Consulting for brand-positioning and competitive differentiation Acquisition of strategic partners for brand cooperations
below GmbH: Leistung - Expertise Consulting - Segmentierungskonzepte

Concepts for Segmentation

  • Market and target group segmentation
  • Evaluation of segmentation-concepts and development of new approaches (Sinus, Limbic, Sigma ect.)
  • Development and implementation of buyer-persona concepts
below GmbH: Leistung - Expertise Consulting - Analyse & Auswertung

Analysis & Evaluation

  • Desk research of relevant data from market researches, field studies etc.
  • Long term market observation and ad hoc research
  • Benchmark analysis and benchmark studies
  • Process analysis (purchase process, customer journeys, communication channels etc.)
  • Planning, contract awarding procedure and supervision of individual market research projects
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Execution & Management

  • Development of plans for implementation, support for roll-out
  • Planning and managing of strategy workshops
  • Development of roadmaps and budget plans